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Here is where you begin to promote your business. You must be enthusiastic but not go over the top. You must be positive and sound knowledgeable without coming off like a carnival barker. Do not get too specific at this stage but you want to build a positive impression and have content that encourages people to keep exploring your site. It is all about creating a credible image with potential clients. Research has shown that you have seven seconds to make a strong enough impact with the viewer for them to continue perusing your site. - therefore your content better be good!


So you should continue to introduce your company and build confidence with your potential client. As you can see, you should have a good spacious layout and use photographs to reinforce the image you want to project. It is important that you have a good balanced layout - using guides and creating symmetrical blocks of content will ease the reader through the page structure. Having an air of authority with a personable tone will build confidence with your potential clients and lead them to look further into hiring your firm.